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State of React Native

A survey about everything React Native

For over 8 years, React Native has been making mobile development faster, more accessible, and more delightful for millions of engineers.

React Native and its ecosystem are used by Meta, partners, and the community to build compelling native experiences for any platform — and its popularity continues to grow.

State of React Native is the de-facto annual survey of React Native developers. Your input informs our exploration and prioritisation of trends, tools, feature improvements, and pain points to propel React Native to new heights — your input matters!

So, we're excited to have you here! Let's get started.


Is answering every question mandatory?

No, every question of the survey is optional and can freely be skipped.

Will my data be made public?

The data will be made public in a form of readable charts and graphs. We will not publish any identifiable information.

When will the results be made available?

The results are going to be released a few weeks after the survey closes.

Who runs this survey?

This survey is run by Software Mansion. We are a software development company based in Poland, with a strong focus on React Native app development and multimedia streaming.

This survey looks very familiar!

It's because it's using the same infrastructure as State of JavaScript and State of CSS surveys made by Devographics.

How was this survey designed?

The survey was designed based on our expertise and the community feedback gathered on this GitHub discussion.